The Shotgun is the third gun on the weapons selection menu.

The Shotgun has a damage output of 40 per pellet, shooting 8 pellets with one shot that can equal up to 320 damage total. It can travel 10 tiles, has a high bullet spread, and 10 weight. Has a 5 round clip.

Keep in mind, the Shotgun has a per-shell-expended loading system which loads one shell at a time. This means you can fire one shot and reload one shell, making quick reloading during a fight viable. Each shell loaded has its own load time and stacks with every shell spent (0/5 shells means it will take 5x the reload speed when compared to 4/5 shells).



Дробовик это третье оружие в меню выбора оружия.

Дробовик наносит по 40 урона с одной "дробинки", стреляя 8 "дробинками" одним выстрелом, в сумме составляя 320 урона. Дальность снаряда равняется 10 плиткам. 5 снарядов в "барабане".