Range is the ninth perk in the first and third perk menu. It is hated and rated the most annoying perk to use.


Range is easily abusable, but if used correctly, it can be deadly.


Since most guns like the Shotgun, LMG, SMG, Assault all have short bullet travel ticks & speed, it would be the wisest to be used with those guns, since pistol and sniper both fire only a few bullets in a short amount of time, and both have all the range they need.


When used with the shotgun, you'll soon see how powerfully annoying range can be, since each shotgun bullet can do up to 40 dmg, and also fires about 16 shots at a time, it's range is incredibly small because it travels at 240 units per tick with only 10 ticks as the shotgun's bullet's lifetime. With range, however, it ties with LMG at 15 ticks, which is 1200 units more! However, the shotgun's bullet has a bad spread on its bullets and decreases dmg by 2 dmg per tick it travels, leaving it only doing 10 dmg at its last moment. Even though the player is fairly big and even if there is a chance of it not being fatal, you will hopefully have enough time to fire another round, this time hopefully closer to your victim. A good Range-Shotgun build would be no Armor, Range, Dash, and Kevlar/Speed.


Even if the LMG is the most underrated weapon in the whole game, only a few have found its true potential. LMG amongst the best DPS guns in the game, doing 40 dmg per shot and firing 8.33 shots a second. even though LMGs have the best damage, you need to get close to actually do the real damage because LMG has a 1 dmg decrease for every tick it travels, capping at 15 ticks. A good LMG build would be No Armor, Range, Camo/Dash/Shield, Speed/Kevlar/No Recoil