Guests are creatures, which don't want to register. They have animal names, it's obvious why.

That's a whole(maybe) list of their names:

Guest Porcupine

Guest Llama

Guest Wolverine

Guest Reindeer

Guest Beetle

Guest Gecko

Guest Panther

Guest Octopus

Guest Seal

Guest Otter

Guest Kangaroo

Guest Civet

Guest Lizard

Guest Mongoose

Guest Vulture

Guest Monkey

Guest Walrus

Guest Koala

Guest Squid

Guest Sloth

Guest Frog

Guest Giraffe

Guest Jackal

Guest Reindeer

Guest Deer

Guest Pelican

Guest Rat

Guest Cat

Guest Dog

Guest Lion

Guest Platypus

Guest Emu

Guest Zebra

Guest Crab

Guest Bee

Guest Horse

Guest Eagle

Guest Horse

Guest Goat

Guest Penguin

Guest Wolf

Guest Snake

Guest Lemur

Guest Bat

Guest Squirrel

Guest Iguana

Guest Beaver

Guest Rabbit

Guest Goanna

Guest Whale

Guest Pig

Guest Elephant

Guest Sheep

Guest Buffalo

Guest Moose

Guest Scorpion

Guest Wombat

Guest Dingo

Guest Fly

Guest Bear

Guest Leopard

Guest Armadillo

Guest Gorilla

Guest Zebra

Guest Heron

Guest Crab

Guest Ant

Guest Weasel

Guest Chicken

Guest Spider

Guest Snail

Guest Fox

Guest Raccoon

Guest Bison

Guest Crocodile

Guest Stork

Guest Shark

Guest Gazelle

Guest Skunk

Guest Rhino

Guest Coyote

Guest Tiger

Guest Cow

Guest Baboon

Guest Fish

Guest Lobster