The SonzOf808 Alliance (simply just 808) was founded by BM808. He recruited more than half of the clan to keep it alive.

The clan was made just for fun but also to compete in stats on the leader-board as a clan that does not need 5 times the members as all the other big clans to be where they are.


The 808 clan was founded by proBM808 (BM808) on March 4th of 2020. Nobody gave this clan a chance. Everyone was either joining the favorites (KCSS, Dr4g, HRD) or just didn't seem interested in a clan with one member. Only about 10 members joined throughout the month, but they were all new and bad players.

In April 2020, 808 started gaining a few more members giving the clan hope.

In May 2020, BM808 started to recruit many members. Looking for good or okay players in-game, or on discord. 808 finally started to be considered a real clan ranked at top 20. At around late May of 2020, 808 made it as a top 10 clan.

In July 2020, 808 became ranked as a top 5 clan only about 50-60 members at the time.

In October 2020, 808 sided in a big war with KS against AKS, Duck, and Nebula. This ended in victory for KS and 808.

In November 2020, 808 hit a wall. More than half the members were inactive (Including leader BM808) or alt accounts nobody played on. This went on until January of 2021. This led to newly reformed KS to pass 808 with ease.

In January 2021, 808 was revived with the return of BM808 recruiting many more players for the clan.


Currently in late May 2021, the clan is not at it's peak but is much more active than before now almost 3rd place in rank on the leader-board about to beat KCSS.


  • kd above 1 if you have less than 500k xp (for possible new players)
  • kds of 2+ are accepted
  • if you have 3 million xp and have a .75 - 1.5 kd, you are fine
  • if approved by me or staff anyways that is fine
  • 5 million+ xp is accepted automatically


Member Count: (40) just the active members, not counting inconsistent members or alts

Leader Count: (2)

Admin Count: (7)


  • BM808


  • pieceofpig
  • Spider243423
  • Prop
  • ZUY
  • Braincraft42
  • kimGG
  • FusRoDah


  • Your5Truly
  • JoeyG
  • Rhinotime
  • TheNGC3132
  • MountFrost
  • MadaraUchia
  • Electricity
  • StinkyStink
  • Magicfox285
  • GGsupm8
  • Kingwormy
  • 24kbit
  • SwurliiGurl
  • empirepotato (gafalex123 alt)
  • Bombmaster
  • sXoXs
  • 1der4sl4yer
  • zapatos
  • YourSenpaii
  • pikapower
  • SleezyFrm4KT
  • MePrimesis
  • TheViper
  • Typhoid123